Art et Floritude is a bespoke light fixture designer and manufacturer based in the Loiret region of France.

Our designers and artisans offer their expertise to help architects and interior interior designers with the creation of a wide range of unique light sculptures.

From restaurants to hotels, private residences, yachts and cruise ships, we work on a multitude of fascinating projects for the entire design industry. Our clients solicit our technical and aesthetic input to overcome their many design challenges. Our team’s energy and dedication helps deliver the beauty and functionality that each new project requires by selecting the best in class light sources and materials.

Metal and porcelain are our materials of choice as they offer endless creative possibilities! Sometimes embellished with other materials such as Obsidian or crystal our fixtures are created with great skill depending on the requirements of our clients and the projects that they bring to us.

Our expertise

Art et Floritude’s teams of craftspeople are experts in their respective area. Together, they master a multitude of artisan skills that they put at the disposal of our clients for the creation of completely customised lighting fixtures.


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